1. moderneden:

    Schism by Leilani @MurkandMetal Bustamante for Universe: The #ArtofExistence 

    • 16 x 20 inches
    • © 2014
    • Acrylic on Panel

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  5. Landscape photography - Niccolò Bonfadini via Daily Geek

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  6. bluepueblo:

    Astronomical Clock,  Prague, Czech Republic

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  10. whothefuckisandreaduran:

    Genesis Myth- Andrea Duran


  11. People empty me. I have to get away to refill.
    — Charles Bukowski

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  12. designchick:

    Artist Philippe Blanchard is has a new installation coming to Arprim in Montréal called New Troglodytes. It’s essentially a psychedelic cave environment where the viewer is submerged in space by geometric stalactites and stalagmites that Blanchard has screenprinted in red, green and blue. This RGB color code is then augmented with LED strobe lights that change the colors and patterns of the room—a technique we’ve seen exploited before to create optical illusions.



  13. dysnomiia:

    Come of Things and Mother (a portrait of Cate)


  14. pseudonana:

    Del Kathryn Barton 


  15. adelleness:

    Del Kathryn Barton